Curating Cambridge Ltd, formerly Fitzwilliam Museum (Enterprises) Ltd, is a
wholly owned subsidiary of the University of Cambridge. It specialises in managing a wide spectrum of commercial channels for the University of Cambridge and its collections including licensing for consumer products, retail operations, wholesale partnerships, and ecommerce ventures

The company has a team with expertise in licensing, product development, retail, digital marketing, and product sourcing and is located in the heart of Cambridge

All of Curating Cambridge’s profits go to support the important research and community engagement of the University of Cambridge Museums, Botanic Garden and University Library


Together, the eight University of Cambridge Museums and its Botanic Garden represent the UK's highest concentration of internationally important collections outside of London. With more than five million works of art, artefacts, and specimens, the collections have supported nearly 300 years of investigation into the world around us

Here at Curating Cambridge our work helps to bring a little bit of that magic from our museums into your homes

Our Stores

Fitzwilliam Museum Courtyard Shop

Situated in the Courtyard of the Fitzwilliam Museum, the Courtyard shop is our longest running store.

We sell a wide range of products, and are well known for our selection of unique and beautiful jewellery.

The store is contactable

By phone: 01223 764399

By email:

The Garden Shop

Come find us at the Brookside entrance of the Cambridge University Botanic Garden.

We are well known for our broad selection of Herbs and Perennials, and our great selection of garden themed products.

The store is contactable

By phone: 01223 748443

By email:

Whale Hall Shop

The Whale Hall shop is in the Whale Hall of the David Attenborough Building, just off of Downing Street.

Come visit the Zoology Museum to marvel at the wonder and infinite variety of nature. And why not pick up a plush whale on your way out?

The store is contactable

By phone: 01223 765414

By email:

University of Cambridge Museum Shop

Find us at 18 Kings Parade for a quirky little shop showcasing products inspired by all the museums and collections of Cambridge.

The perfect store for last minute gift shopping, visit the UCM shop for an amazing range of products suitable for all ages.

The store is contactable:

By phone: 01223 353252

By email: