Hardcover book - Hidden Tales: Riddle of the White Sphinx. A Cambridge Treasure Hunt. Brought to you by CuratingCambridge.com
Riddle of the White Sphinx by Hidden Tales

Riddle of the White Sphinx by Hidden Tales


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A mysterious voice, a secret world, a thrilling quest…

When Nina and Leo step through the doors of a Cambridge museum, they stumble upon a centuriesold game of cat and mouse being played between The Hidden and the sinister Keeper of Secrets. At stake is the fate of a secret world, accessible through seven portals scattered throughout the city. Can you help the children on this daunting quest to discover The Keeper’s secret and rescue The Hidden?

Riddle of the White Sphinx is the first book in The Hidden Tales, an exciting new fantasy series set in museums around the UK, where readers follow clues, decipher codes and hunt for a secret artefact hidden somewhere in their city. If you ever wanted to take part in a real-life treasure hunt, this is your chance. But be warned... you may never visit a museum the same way again!

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